A few years ago, with 4 children, wife to stay home, and a good income, I thought I finally came to a place that I have been striving for years. We enjoyed a very comfortable income from his real estate business and had a big house in the country. And then came 2006 and the real estate crash victims and rebuild our revenue was approximately 25% of … Read More

As you may have already figured out, one of the big drawbacks to an octagon table is the inability to accommodate more than eight players - many games feature up to ten players per table.Toms: I have a soliloquy, yes, but nothing near like "to be or not to be." And I don't think it is supposed to be! It's more a showcasing of the stereotype that Ha… Read More

Pack well, but keep it light. Most families over-pack for camping. Make sure you have the basics like good hiking shoes and a change of clothes, but kids do not need an entire wardrobe. Leave the cosmetics at home and just have fun with it. The more relaxed you are, the more fun the kids will have.Can you imagine what life would be like if every si… Read More